How can I identify the model and year of my E-Z-GO?
Knowing the year model of your golf cart is very important when ordering most parts. Use the guide below to help you determine the year model of your E-Z-GO golf cart.

1. Click here to go to the E-Z-GO website.

2. Enter in your E-Z-GO Serial Number, to get the model and year of your vehicle. Once your model and year are displayed, locate Your Serial Number (Manufacturer's Code) on your E-Z-GO Vehicle.

If you do not know your E-Z-GO Serial Number, please review the E-Z-GO vehicles pictured on the E-Z-GO website to help narrow down the model. Then use the instructions that follow to locate the serial number/manufacturer's code on your vehicle.

However, if your vehicle was manufactured prior to 1976, the serial number plate is on the fender skirt under the driver's seat.