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Motor, AMD (Series), 48-volt (5.5-hp) speeds up to 22 mph.

Used On: Club Car 1984-up.AMD 48-volt (5.5-hp), 36-volt (3.5hp) motor for speeds up to 22 mph on 36-volt and 24 mph on 48-volt. Can be used with stock controller. For maximum performance, safety, and durability, 4 gauge cables (#1247) throughout the car, heavy-duty solenoid and F&R switch are required. A 400+ amp controller will increase performance. For Club Car 1984-newer DS series.
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Motor, Series, 36V, 2.5HP; 2800 RPM; EZ STK (A95-4005B)

AMD 36-volt (2.5-hp@ 2800 rpm) internal 19 spline series motor. Speeds up to 14 mph. Also fits E-Z-GO 1992-94 Marathon, Columbia ParCar, Melex and Yamaha G9 1992 1/2-95, G14,G16 series cars. Not for use on DCS or PDS or other regen cars. Can be used on 48 volt. Replaces D294.
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48 Volt 5HP AMD Shunt Motor

Used on: E-Z-GO TXT/T48 48 Volt 5HP AMD Shunt Motor (Fits 2010-Up). AMD 48-volt (5-hp@2740 rpm) high torque 19 spline shunt motor For maximum performance, safety, and durability, 4 gauge cables (#1251) throughout the car and heavy-duty solenoid (#55595) are required Great for heavy duty lifted cars Uses speed sensor lead # 3228, controller # 965 AMD #GP4-4002
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High Speed Iq Motor

Used On: Club Car.
This motor replaces the D390.
This is a very strong 25MPH motor when used with the stock controller set to speed code 4.
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Motor, advanced 48V

Used on: Yamaha G22. This item is replacing Item# D397 GE 48- volt high speed motor. (4.3-hp@3500 rpm). Speeds up to 23 mph with stock controller. Can also be used on Yamaha G19. Article #671 needed to install the motor.
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Motor, Road Runner redesigned

Used On: Yamaha G29 Drive.
Speeds up to 24 mph with stock controller set on high speed.
We take your good running Hitachi motor and redesign it to go faster.
Includes freight for core return. Must use 6M mounting bolts
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