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Used On: Storm S2 Road legal S2/S4 (v1). Also for the 2-seater with cargo box. Needs 1 per cart.
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Controller, 48 volt

The 48 Volt Controller varies the speed of the vehicle"s electric motor and it"s direction within the established safety standards for E-Z-GO Vehicles. This item can be used on used on E-Z-GO 48 Volt Electric 2014 TXT, 2012-2014 Terrain 250, 2011-2012 ST Sport II, 2011-2012 MPT 800/1000, 2012-2014 Express S4 and L4, 2012-2013 Shuttle 4X, and 2012 Cushman Hauler 800/1000 Vehicles.
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Controller kit

Used on: E-Z-GO ST400. Electric, 2009-up. This controller kit will replace 1264-5407, 73098-G04, 615551 and others. They are commonly found on 2002 and up MTP 1000, Shuttle 2, ST 400 and Cushman vehicles. The kit includes a 1268 Curtis controller with an adaptor harness and installation instructions.
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Curtis 500A Series Controller, 0-1K

Curtis (1205) 500 amp, 36-48 volt long body controller with four buss bars is pre-set for 0-1K throttle. It can be adjusted with a hand held Curtis programmer (Item # 1313-3301) for use with 8 other throttle inputs. Many other parameters such as acceleration, HPD, voltage, plugging and more are also adjustable. Specifications:
For use with Yamaha (Models G8, G9, G14, G16)
Curtis Model: 1205M
500 Amp
Throttle Input: 0-1K
Performance: Upgrade Replacement
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