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About Carrus.com
Carrus BV was established in 2004 and over a short space of time it has grown into Europe’s largest supplier of several brands of parts, accessories and carts. We are an organization that sells products through a dealer network in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Parts and accessories
We are a producer and reseller of the parts and accessories you can find on our web shop. The parts are mainly for Club Car, E-Z-GO Yamaha and Storm carts.

We supply carts from our own stock of more than 500 used carts. All carts can be found in our web shop, with actual pictures. We sell Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha carts.

Resellers have direct access to our web shop, allowing them to quickly and easily order anything they might need, such as parts or accessories.

Carrus BV is a full service organization and can cater to every need with respect to carts; sales, maintenance, supplies, advice & support. Customers find their problems solved quickly thanks to the fact that we supply from stock and the fact that we have our own workshop with specially trained mechanics.

The Company

Address: Kwekerijweg 8, 3709 JA Zeist - The Netherlands